Frequently Asked Questions on Male Testosterone Booster

1. What is Testosterone?

It is a steroid hormone, which perfectly stimulates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics that produces mainly in the testes. It is the main sexual hormone that is responsible for developing masculine feature in human body. Its decrease in level can make the individual face erectile dysfunction/impotency problem.

2. What is male testosterone booster?

Testosterone booster is a class of herbal or legal supplements that are taken in order to increase the levels of Testosterone in the body. It is also said to be the best solution to treat impotency, heighten the libido, enhance the sexual desire and even allow you to build strong muscles.

3. Who should use the testosterone boosters?

Person who faces the problem of sexual dysfunction or low level of testosterone should take this medication. However, weight trainers and body builders can also take this hormone in order to enhance their muscle strength.

4. What are the benefits of testosterone booster?

The testosterone boosters are best known for different benefits that include heightening of the libido, enhance the memory power & concentration, amplify body energy level, improve the stamina and energy, sustain strong and lasting erection and etc.

5. Do your need physician’s prescription to buy herbal erection pills?

The herbal erection pills are available in different local drug stores and can be easily bought at cost effective prices. You need not have to show any physician’s prescription in order to buy the drug.

6. Is there any side effect of take male testosterone supplement?

No, there is no side effect of taking the drug because it is processed by using natural herbal ingredients. It can also be taken by the person who is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

7. Can it be taken with other medications?

Yes, you can take it as there is no any contradiction with other medications.

8. What are the dosages of testosterone supplement?

It can be taken on a regular basis, after a meal. Besides, you can also take it just half an hour ahead of starting the sexual activity. For the first month, you can take it twice a day and for the second and third months, you can take it once a day.


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