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GaVra MAX, a natural erection solution, vs. Viagra, Cialis & Levitra.

  Gavra MaxGavra MAX Viagra, Cialis and Levitra
Dosage Daily When needed
Reaction Time Permanent Generally 1 hour
Affectivity Permanent +/- 4 to 24 hours
Side Effects None Headaches, flushing, nausea etc.
Chemicals None Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil and Vardenafil
Prescription No Yes
Typical Price $66 per month $600 - $800 per month (30 Pills)
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* Viagra, Cialis & Levitra are Registered Trademarks. We do not sell prescription medications.

What GaVra MAX herbal erection pills can do for you?

Tens of thousands of men have managed to regain strong, powerful and lasting erections since discovering GaVra MAX. The secret to the incredible commercial success of GaVra MAX, is due to the fact that it contains only herbal extracts and no chemical additives, thus making it side-effect free, non-addictive, non-prescription and for every age.

The uniqueness of GaVra MAX is that it works directly on the penis, strengthening and enhancing it, with no dependence on the physical or mental condition of the user. As a result of this heightened sexual desire, the level of sexual function is drastically increased, resulting in a stronger and harder erection, and for a longer period of time.

GaVra MAX High Potency Capsules - puts you back in control effectively, naturally and confidently.

GaVra MAX contains a combination of natural ingredients, developed by herbalists with years of knowledge in the field. No prescription is needed. The capsules are intended for use for three months on a daily basis. Their effects can be felt within a few days. After three months of daily use, your body will have received the maximum dosage and the impact of GaVra MAX will be felt and continue to be felt for a number of months.

What women have to say about GaVra MAX

Women have told us that their sex lives have improved immeasurably following the use of GaVra MAX by their partner's. In fact, the only complaint we have heard from them has been "Why didn't we hear of this before, so many tears would have been spared". Women told us things like discovering "increased desire" and "passion" from their partners after they started using GaVra MAX. A better love life brings back the taste for life and for a couple to tell us that they discovered this after years of disappointment and frustration, before discovering GaVra MAX, is one of our best testimonials. We get mails from women who have lost hope, who have given up on their love life, who were on the verge of breaking up their relationships and we always have the same question - why have you waited all these years?

GaVra MAX - no chemicals, tedious treatments or sex therapy needed; just a simple and easy treatment with no side effects or health risks involved.

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Thomas, USA: "I definitely would recommend this product to any man looking to get results the safe way. GaVra MAX definitely changed my life..."

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