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How does GaVraXtra work?

"GaVraXtra works directly on the male sexual organ, without dependence on the physical or emotional state of the user, as is not the case with prescription ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra."

"GaVraXtra increases Male Hormone Levels and therefore enhances sexual desire, and as a result improves the level of sexual function."

Unlike many other natural men's supplements on the market today, GaVraXtra is backed up by a track record of over 15 successful years on the market. The ingredients in GaVraXtra were originally formulated by a team of biochemists, who researched hundreds of natural plant extracts in an effort to achieve maximum results by using a calculated and proprietary ratio of specific extracts, thus making GaVraXtra one of the most powerful and effective men's health supplements on the market.

GaVraXtra is sold only through the internet (and by phone orders in some countries), and is manufactured in an FDA standard facility and satisfies all GMP requirements.

What health professionals have to say about GaVraXtra...

"The thing that got me interested in this product was the fact that I could prescribe it to my patients who suffer from prostate issues as well as pulmonary and blood pressure disorders. Their private lives should not have to be affected by the results of medications for these disorders."

"The ingredients in GaVraXtra help decrease anxiety levels and allow for longer sexual activity, especially for men who suffer from premature ejaculation."

"Being a completely natural supplement, containing only proven natural ingredients, means that I can safely recommend GaVraXtra to my patients as a safe and side effect free treatment, as opposed to prescription drugs and the dangers involved with taking them."

The strong combination of a physical cause - a strong & lasting erection, and an emotional cause - increased level of sexual desire and a decreased anxiety level, turned GaVraXtra into an instant success. Thanks to GaVraXtra, tens of thousands of men went back to being passionate and sexually active once again.

Men using GaVraXtra reported an increased desire for sex, and a stronger and harder erection for a longer period of time than they were used to.

What’s inside our GaVraXtra capsules?
For the past 20 years, the "GaVra" brand has improved the sex lives of tens of thousands of men, and based on experience and accumulated knowledge over this period we have developed the revolutionary GaVraXtra.
GaVraXtra contains 14 natural components that create a winning combination which transforms it into a balanced and powerful “natural” Viagra. GaVraXtra’s unique formula contains many benefits that make it especially suitable for men who want to improve their love life and enjoy a successful and full sex life. These benefits include increased sexual stimulation, more frequent sex, improved performance, enhanced erections, longer intercourse, increased pleasure and above all, sexual satisfaction for both the man and his partner. The ingredients in GaVraXtra act on several levels creating a synergic action (the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects) therefore making their efficiency even greater.

The ingredients of GaVraXtra and a summary of studies done on each one:

Epimedium brevicornum
The family contains many species, most of them originating in China and are known for their aphrodisiac properties. Indeed, studies have found that extracts of the plant can speed up erections (Makarova 2007). Another study, done with mice, showed that direct injection of the extract into the genital organs of laboratory mice increased blood pressure around the genital area and caused an erection (Chen, 2006). Of the many substances identified in Epimedium, the one associated with aphrodisiac activity is the flavonol Icariin.
Icariin has been shown to be a PDE5 inhibitor, which is also found in Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) which means that it works the same way as Viagra in accordance with this principle of PDE5 inhibition. It is also an antioxidant and believed to be effective against depression.

Maca, Lepidium meyenii
Maca is an endemic plant of the Andes growing in Peru and Bolivia. The active part of which is the thickened root widely used in folk medicine. Considered an adaptogen, it strengthens body systems, stimulates and improves concentration and memory, and improves sexual function, fertility and sexual desire.
There are scientific findings and clinical trials supporting the attributes of this plant in relation to sexual function, although their number is small and the extent of the trials were not large. A double-blind trial was conducted in 50 men with sexual dysfunction. We observed a small but significant improvement (Zenico, 2009). In an experiment done with bulls, it was found that in response to Maca extract as a food supplement, an improvement in sperm count and quality was observed. All studies attributed to the sexual activity of Maca root extract were found in 4 scientifically worthy studies. In 2 of them, women of puberty and healthy adult men had an improvement in sexual desire (Shin, 2010). Athletes that have taken Maca have seen an enhancement of their physical ability and sexual desire (Stone, 2009). In men, it was reported that the Maca extract also increased the quantity and quality of sperm (Gonzales, 2009).

Korean Panax Ginseng
One of the most well-known medicinal plants in the world, and one of the most studied. It is attributed to a huge variety of medical activities and is backed up by a large number of studies, both small and large, that relate to its various virtues. Its main action is as an adaptogen, strengthening the immune and nervous system, and a stimulant.
A study conducted on about 60 men with erectile dysfunction showed significant results when treated with Korean Ginseng. The study was double-blind with one group of subjects receiving approximately 1000mg of Ginseng, 3 times a day and the other with the same daily dosage with a placebo. The improvement was significant and the researchers concluded that this treatment could be considered as a recommendation for erectile dysfunction. (Andrade, 2006) Another double-blind trial was conducted in Korea on 143 patients with erectile dysfunction. The trial lasted 8 weeks during which patients received the same amount (1000 mg) of Ginseng extract. Here again there was a marked improvement in sexual function (Tae-Hwan Kim, 2009). In 2008, a comparative survey of all known scientific literature was conducted investigating the effect of the treatment of Red Korean Ginseng (Panax) on erectile dysfunction sufferers. 7 double-blind studies were found to meet all requirements. The final analysis, showing the sum of the total effect indicated the positive activity of Ginseng to treat impotence. (Young-Cheoul Lee, 2008).

Cnidium monnieri
The seeds of this flowering plant are known in Chinese and Vietnamese medicine as effective in treating sexual dysfunction and lowering blood pressure. Cenidium contains Coumarin and many studies have been conducted on the ability of this substance to lower blood pressure, as an antioxidant and to improve blood flow. Osthole, a compound found in Coumarin appears to have effects similar to Viagra in penile tissue.

Zinc is an essential mineral for the body and affects a wide range of activities, including the immune system, blood/sugar balance, eye health, mental health and growth and development. (Hambridge, (2000)
With regards to fertility and male function, Zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels in men, and zinc supplementation has been shown to increase these levels. (Prasad, 1996). Zinc deficiency decreases sperm cell ability. The deficiency leads to a low sperm count and reduced sexual vigor. (Kumari, 2005). A new study published in 2011 found a direct relationship between the amount of zinc in the blood plasma and infertility in Nigerian men. That is, diagnosing low zinc levels can be an indication of infertility. (Akinloye, 2011). Another recent article summarizing a study in Russia showed that a one-month treatment with a diet supplement containing zinc and selenium improved sexual function and infertility in Russian patients. (Sivkov, 2011). A controlled study of the effect of zinc supplementation on the sexual function of male mice revealed that supplementation of 5 mg per week for two weeks statistically improved sexual function (ejaculation, higher testosterone levels). (Dissanayake, 2009).
A study published recently looked into the effect of zinc supplementation on male mice exposed to cigarette smoking. The controlled trial lasted 9 weeks. The results showed that zinc supplementation prevented smoking damage, which was reflected in decreased testosterone, and decreased vitality of sperm cells. (Garcia, 2012).

Is an essential amino acid and must be supplemented if there is a deficiency found. It improves blood flow and plays a major role in regulating blood pressure, thanks to the production of the NO (Nitric Oxide) molecule, which is the active substance in arginine. Nitric oxide is important for sperm formation, mobility and count. Lack of this molecule impairs endothelial activity which impairs the male erection. (Mathers, 2009).
In a double-blind study of 50 men with proven erectile dysfunction, subjects received arginine for 6 weeks against a controlled group. Subjects showed a marked improvement in impotence but only in those subjects who had decreased endogenous Nitric Oxide production (Chen, 1999).

An amino acid used as a starting material for the production of neuronal mediators in the brain. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, headaches and allergies. It improves the mood, reduces appetite and reduces stores of body fat.

Zingiber officinale - Ginger
The ginger root has been used since ancient times (first in China and India and from there to the Western world) as a refreshing spice and as a medicinal plant rich in virtue. Its medical attributes include prevention of nausea, vomiting and inflammation and as an antiseptic and antioxidant.
Its positive impact on sperm quality and vitality is supported by studies. For example in 2009, experiments were conducted on laboratory mice that received a dose of 100 mg of ginger extract per day for 20 days. The results showed that in the experimental group there was a significant increase in testosterone levels, as well as an increase in sperm quality and mobility. (Khaki, 2009).

Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), helps convert carbohydrates into energy, breaks up fats, and regulates the proper production of hormones, neural mediators and red blood cells. It supports the nervous system and is essential for its proper functioning and contributes to lowering fatigue and weakness levels.

Ginkgo Biloba
A tree native to China, it improves cerebral blood flow and helps the absorption of oxygen and glucose. It improves the transmission of neural signals, thereby increasing one's concentration and alertness.
It is known to improve circulation in the peripheral blood vessels and therefore helps men with erectile dysfunction.

Dwarf Palm Extract
The Dwarf Palm can help improve symptoms associated with the prostate gland. It strengthens the genital and urinary system and reduces disruption to normal urine flow. It promotes the relief of infections and inflammation of the prostate and urinary tract and inhibits prostate enlargement and disorders, therefore helping to improve male reproductive system activity. Withania Somnifera Is an anti-stress antioxidant that boosts activity of the immune system. In a clinical study involving men aged 50-59, the extract caused an improvement in hemoglobin concentration and a decrease in cholesterol levels. 71.4% of study participants reported improved sex life.

Guarana - Paullinia cupana
The Brazilian Guarana is a stimulating plant that strengthens metabolic and neural processes in the body. Similar to the effect of adrenaline and norepinephrine on the sympathetic nervous system, Guarana mobilizes the body's resources to increase its immediate function. The plant stimulates blood flow to the central nervous system, increases blood supply to muscles, increases cardiovascular function and accelerates the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Furthermore, in order to streamline the process, the Guarana suppresses other necessary activities, such as the digestive system, reducing appetite, suppressing the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and reducing the production and secretion of liver salts and pancreatic juices.

Tribulus terrestris
Strengthens and enhances the hormone system of testosterone production in the human body. Tribulus is a type of plant recommended for anyone who wants to improve their testosterone level. Tribulus is considered to be the only plant that can increase the levels of the male sex hormone – testosterone which means that the plant has pro-hormonal activity.
Tribulus terrestris is used to treat prostate, genital and urinary problems in Ayurvedic medicine. The plant temporarily raises testosterone levels and boosts libido. It can be taken alternately for sexual stimulation purposes. Tribulus improves testosterone production, increasing testosterone levels differently from DHEA and androstenedione. Instead of being a testosterone precursor, it leads to the production of LH - Luteinizing hormone. As LH levels rise, natural production of testosterone also increases. LH is also a hormone that affects sexual drive. Therefore, it is understandable that Tribulus has been used for centuries by different cultures. It is an excellent extract for both men and women to raise their sexual urge.

The recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules taken with a glass of water an hour before eating.

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