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Tips for a wonderful relationship – A

A relationship is like a flower, you need to sow, water, nurture and invest in it. Nonetheless, with time, a decrease in the sexual desire and communication between the couple becomes apparent. Here are some helpful tips for a wonderful relationship. Part one of two.

A relationship needs to be nurtured for it to continue to work well.
Unfortunately, during our lifetime we are taught how to solve difficult equations, how to behave when sitting at the table, how to strive for a successful career, but not how to maintain and strengthen a relationship. As a result, many relationships fall into a pit from which they do not know how to get out. The brave ones seek help and treatment, while many separate and divorce, and even more simply just give up.
The truth is that problems in the relationship can be resolved. A relationship can improve, the obstacles can be overcome and the couple can grow together and even improve their sex life. It depends only on the couple. In this article we will present to you some pieces of advice based on information gathered from many studies that may help you remain in your relationship, to love and live happily, together.

Take responsibility
Our natural tendency as people is to blame someone else for our problems or the fact that we are not happy. It’s the job, the country, it’s him, it’s you. In short, it’s everyone but us. Relationships are ruined because one person in the relationship blames the other for all of the problems they have, be it sexual dysfunction or other problems in the relationship. But is it really so?
Of course not. You are the only ones responsible for your own happiness. If you are not happy, find out why and work to change that. In a relationship, we must embrace the good together with the bad. Remember that the next time you blame your spouse for anything.

Communication, Communication, Communication
It is said that good communication in a relationship is the proven recipe for a long, satisfying life together with a healthy sex life. Open communication prevents feelings of shame, cases of misunderstandings, plotting behind the other ones back, and in short, prevents separation. On the other hand, good communication improves the sex life, Increases the love and the chances of overcoming the difficulties.
Remember, the goal of communication is not to be right but to lay things on the table and talk about it. Try and learn to listen to your partner and also share your life experience with him/her. Good communication is like an empty space where there is nowhere to hide. This is what we’ve got, and with this we shall work.

You don’t have to agree on everything
People in a relationship flourish. Their opinions on different subjects change and are not identical to those of their spouse. So what? Nothing. It is important to reach an agreement between you and uphold it and not attempt to convince your partner that you are necessarily right.
Many relationships are ruined due to a disagreement over subjects that under any other circumstance would be considered totally unimportant. One should strive to agree on things, yet it is certainly not a sublime goal. Learn to live with a disagreement too. It’s absolutely fine.

Spare time
Devote some quality time to your relationship. Sometimes you need to open your calendar for that. That’s ok, whatever works. Make it a habit to spend time as a couple, alone and intimately. You will be surprised at how much you can still learn about each other and how you can spoil and enjoy one another.
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