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Premature ejaculation – all the numbers

We’ve gathered together a few interesting numbers and facts about premature ejaculation

Number 1:
Premature ejaculation is the most common dysfunction in the field of sexual malfunction.

2 minutes:
Less than two minutes from the moment of penetration – that is how medicine defines the phenomena of premature ejaculation. Nowadays, this definition is considered to be old fashioned, and has been substituted by “A man who cannot have sexual relations for the amount of time he wishes to”. Who said the feminist struggle is futile?

Every third:
Every third man has suffered from premature ejaculation at some point in his life. Statistics can comfort you better than a million and one psychologists.

4 causes of premature ejaculation:
There are four causes of premature ejaculation:
A) Physical causes of the problems of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation – diabetics, high blood pressure, heart problems, inflammation of the prostate and various dysfunctions in the nervous system may cause premature ejaculation.
B) Psychological causes – probably the most common cause – our sexual organ is in fact our brain. Mental states such as stress, depression, shyness, anxiety and insecurity are a catalyst for premature ejaculation. A man who has already suffered from premature ejaculation in the past might greatly fear the reoccurrence of the same damned dysfunction. Then, during another sexual act, his fear is translated into yet another premature ejaculation, and so begins the constant fear that ruins any chance for good sex.
C) The inability to identify the “point of no return” – a man who cannot identify the moments before ejaculation.
D) Psychiatric causes – various mental illnesses damage sexual functioning in general, and cause premature ejaculation in particular.

5 methods of treatment for premature ejaculation:
There are five extremely effective methods of treating premature ejaculation:
A) The “start-stop” method – identifying the point of no return, stopping three moments beforehand, resting for about twenty seconds, and then continuing on and on.
B) Exercising the Pelvic Floor muscles - Kegel Exercises - go to the bathroom and try to stop the flow of your urine. The muscle you use to do this is called the “Pelvic Floor muscle”. If you exercise it regularly, just like you exercise other muscles, it will grow stronger. Although unlike other muscles, you won’t need to change your size in clothes, but you will easily notice that your erection is stronger (which makes the sexual organ appear larger) and that you can last longer. Sounds worthwhile, doesn’t it?
C) Maintaining long and deep breaths during the sexual act – deep relaxing breaths, before an exam, before a job interview and also during sex.
D) A condom – despite it being less pleasurable, it also spares unpleasant surprises and unpleasant illnesses and desensitizes the sexual organ.
E) Herbal supplements for strengthening erections such as GaVraXtra – without a prescription, no side effects and totally natural, and… solves the problem entirely.

Every 6 women:
More than six out of ten women cannot achieve an orgasm through penetration. The reasons can be a vaginal canal that is much less sensitive than the clitoris, the penetration time is too short according to them and so on. If you thought you were a bad partner, if in the movies it always appeared different to you, this statistic may come as some comfort to you.

7 out of 10:
Another study, which slightly contradicts the previous clause, was conducted in 1948, by Alfred Kinsey. He interviewed 5,900 white American women with the goal of discovering how long on average it takes a woman to reach an orgasm. Seven out of ten women - 70% - claimed that they needed ten minutes of penetration in order reach an orgasm. 75% of the 5,300 white American men who also participated in that study answered that they reached ejaculation within two minutes from the moment of penetration.

Eight out of ten men claim that undergoing therapy with a sexologist has solved their problems with premature ejaculations and a weak libido.

This is the number of calories that are burnt during approximately thirty minutes of sexual intercourse – which is supposed to include a long and dedicated foreplay, penetration and ejaculation. Sex is an amazing sport.

If you have read this far, sex must be very important to you. Go ahead and act!