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Premature ejaculation – method of treatment

Effective methods of treatment of premature ejaculation recommended by doctors and sexologists. The first article in a series of two.

Part A:
Premature ejaculation is defined as the discharge of sperm within two minutes from the moment the male sexual organ enters the vagina; that is to say the duration of the penetration.

However, nowadays there is a demand that the phenomenon be redefined. Today the accepted definition of premature ejaculation is “a sexual act which ends prior to the desired time”.

Premature ejaculation is the most common problem among men. Between 30%-40% of men suffer from it. That is more than every third man. Instead of being intimidated by these numbers, one should find comfort in them. You are not alone, you are not even a minority. That being said, it is commonly thought of as a marginal phenomenon. Why? The answer to this is that men who suffer from premature ejaculation also suffer from frustration and embarrassment. Whenever there is embarrassment, people usually make a great effort to hide it. That is the worst solution – although we do keep the embarrassing erectile dysfunction hidden, we also preserve the cursed thing. The thundering silence of many men in light of premature ejaculation invariably ends with low male self esteem, or a weak libido. That occurs because they perceive it in the following way: “What kind of man am I if I can’t satisfy my partner?”

Premature ejaculation is sexual or erectile dysfunction which is relatively easy to treat.

This is not about predestination. You don’t “Suck in bed”, there are just a few tricks which you forgot to get acquainted with because you were so busy suppressing your emotions.

Here are five simple methods of preventing premature ejaculation. They are all recommended by doctors and sexologists.

The “stop and continue” method
It is probably the most well known method. According to this method, you must identify the “point of no return”, and then, just a few moments before it, stop the act for 20 seconds – during which time there is no need to pull out of the vagina – and then continue. After some practice – which you are recommended to do when masturbating – you will be surprised to see the improvement skyrocket.

The “Choking” method
The “choking” method is very similar to the “stop and continue” method. Here you must also identify the “point of no return”, and then stop the act a short while before that point. However, in this method you need to apply pressure to your sexual organ for 20 seconds and then continue with the act.

Make sure you take long, slow and relaxed breaths
Our breaths tend to embody our state of calmness. When we are under stress, we breathe faster. Long and slow breaths relax us – both mentally and physically – and help us control the ejaculation.

Changing the position
Many men claim that it is easy for them to control premature ejaculation in certain positions. According to men, one of the positions which makes it is easier to control the ejaculation is where the woman lies on her stomach with her legs spread open and the man bends over on top of her (“doggy style”). Nonetheless, and in contrast to other methods, the recommended position is a subjective matter. Try and you might find a position that suits you better.

Don’t be ashamed to masturbate
It is recommended to masturbate about an hour before having sex, since the second orgasm takes longer to achieve.
If you practice these methods, they will enable you to have an orgasm whenever you wish. The sex will be longer, the woman will enjoy it more, and then, you’ll have better sex and more of it.
You can read about five additional methods of improving and premature ejaculation in section B
Good luck!