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Tips for a wonderful relationship – B

The second of two articles on the subject of a wonderful relationship. An interesting article with useful tips for better communication in your relationship.

Moral support
One of the most common problems in a relationship is the lack of moral support. It is unclear as to why, but as the years go by, we become less and less supportive of our spouse. What seemed like a given in the beginning of the relationship, becomes a great effort as we continue in the relationship. At best, the person perceives that he is being ignored but regards it as unimportant and annoying. At worst, this lack of moral support causes jealousy, bitterness and sourness which quickly turns into disagreements, arguments and ultimately, separation.
The act of being supportive is like the frequent use of a muscle. One must exercise the muscle it or it will degenerate. Support your spouse in any situation, at all times, until it becomes second nature. Give positive feedback in terms of appearance, success at work, and even the erection, as well as sexual performance and the effort made between the sheets. The act of supporting is like an engine refueling itself, like a self -fulfilling prophecy. And of course, don’t forget to give moral support.

Honesty in a relationship
Let’s eliminate the negative approach. Lies are like a cancer in the relationship. They eat away at it and ruin it altogether. We live with our spouses, sometimes for several decades. It is difficult for us to lie and even more difficult to keep a secret.
Here is a piece of advice; don’t lie. It is better to open things up, talk things out and unload heavy burdens. These burdens break down every relationship. It is a fact. They say honesty is overrated, but we claim that honesty is the lifeline for each and every one of us. Your inner peace is crucial in every relationship.

Knowing how to forgive
Although knowing how to forgive your spouse is a virtue and a sublime quality, it is a very difficult thing to implement. Forgiveness requires us to renounce our ego, the right to be mad and to be right. Forgiveness demands great spiritual strengths. Do we possess them?
Let us say this. We all make mistakes, because ultimately, we are all human, no more and no less. When we make a mistake we expect, want and need the other side’s forgiveness, in this case the spouse. If we are truly sorry from the bottom of our hearts, then we want forgiveness. We should forgive our spouse in the same way we would like to be forgiven. Forgive, nothing means the end of the world.

Lay your cards on the table
Speak about what bothers you. Not with anger, not with defiance, quietly and with the desire to resolve the issues. Be forthcoming and you’ll be surprised at how willing to compromise your spouse will be. This is true all aspects of the relationship, including the family and the sex life. You wish to be content with your relationship, not passive and oppressed. Sometimes one needs to raise the issues in order to resolve them.
Experience shows that most problems can be resolved by conversation. It is important to remember that life is loaded and it is not always that we stop to listen and pay attention to our spouse’s needs. Laying one’s cards on the table makes that possible.

Mutual appreciation
Mutual appreciation is not simply a tip or a piece of advice for a successful relationship; it is the basis without which no relationship can exist. Mutual appreciation is not just appreciation in the present, but also the appreciation of the future human potential of your spouse and the appreciation of the relationship in the long run.
A good relationship is one that allows individual growth and growth as a couple. Remember that and nourish your love and your sex life.

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